Rent It, Drive It, Love It and Buy It!

You can always take our cars for an extended spin

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3 pointers for choosing the perfect vehicle

While renting one of our vehicles, it's highly possible you'll fall in love. Through our Buy the Rental program, you can keep the keys. Whether you've been hunting for a better car for months or you're looking for a wonderful gift, you can visit New Boston Rent A Car for your deal on wheels. Call 903-628-0505 to speak with our agency about your car purchase. We carry a range of:

  • Luxury models
  • Spacious SUVs
  • Compact cars
Bring home the newest member of your four-wheeled family thanks to New Boston Rent A Car.

A car is a huge investment, but our rental team can help you make a wise decision. As you're driving your temporary vehicle around town, answer the following:
  1. Do you need extra space for car seats?
  2. Can you fit your recreational gear in the trunk?
  3. Are you a fan of the gas mileage?
If you're ready to give your rental the green light, contact New Boston Rent A Car for contractual information.