A Car Accident Shouldn't Wreck Your Plans

Have your insurance company contact New Boston Rent A Car

car rentals New Boston, Texas

Are you a local insurance provider?

You were driving along and minding your own business when someone rear-ended your car. Now you're left with an expensive repair bill and a damaged vehicle. Don't stall your life while your car's in the shop. Let New Boston Rent A Car rent you a temporary ride. We'll coordinate with your insurance company to create a rental agreement that's convenient and affordable.

As the only car rental business for 30 miles around, we proudly offer low rates and friendly service. Contact us at 903-628-0505 to learn more about our rentals.

If your clients are in need of temporary transportation, come to New Boston Rent A Car first. We have a reputation for putting reliable cars on our lot and prioritizing customer satisfaction, so choose New Boston for professional service. We ask that all temporary car drivers show proof of:

  • A valid driver's license
  • Full-coverage insurance
  • Collision damage waiver
  • Loss damage waiver
We look forward to partnering with your local insurance company!